Frequently asked questions

We get asked a lot of questions, so here we’ve answered some of the most common. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here just drop us an email to

What is Food Poverty?

Food poverty means an individual or household is not able to obtain healthy, nutritious food, or cannot access the food they would like to eat.

This often results in people eating poor diets, which can lead to heart disease, obesity, diabetes and cancer, as well as inadequate levels of many vitamins and minerals.

Poor children can suffer from lower nutrient intake, bad dietary patterns, hunger, low fruit and vegetable consumption and problems accessing food in school holidays.

Who are we helping?

Our services will be open to anybody, no matter their circumstances.

What is a hub?

A hub may be a social supermarket, feeding project or growing project. It may be located and run by voluntary organisation, faith group, community group or even a business.

Each hub we work with will be increasing the food provision currently provided, and also providing non-food related support, for example job advice, benefit support and budgeting advice, to help people make steps to move out of poverty.

What is a Social Supermarket?

Social Supermarkets are community led shops where people can purchase good quality nutritious food at low cost. They may have a mix of fresh, frozen and packaged food for sale, usually at less than half the price you would pay in your local supermarket.

Much of the food is provided by large charitable organisations such as fareshare(link) and hischurch(link). Please follow the links to find out more about these organisations.

Do I need to register?

Yes, to use one of our hubs we will ask that you fill out a free membership form. This is to assist the hubs in planning and ensuring they are providing the best service they can.

Who can use a hub?

Anybody can use a hub once they have completed the free membership form.

Can I donate food?

Please contact the hubs directly to see if a donation of food would assist with their provision.

How often can I use a hub?

Please check a hubs opening times, you can use a hub as often as you wish when they are open.

How can I help?

If you would like to volunteer your services, please fill out a contact form and we will be in touch. Alternatively pop into a hub and see if you can help.

Can I be a hub?

Please fill out a contact form explaining what you currently offer and how you would like to expand your provision. We will be in touch to discuss this with you further.

How can I add my group to your website?

Please fill out a contact form explaining what you currently offer. We will be in touch to discuss this with you further.